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Saturday, December 21, 2013

XMAS - And now the Secret Santa to me has arrived!

So this is what spurred me on to do the delayed draft over this busy period. As Tmara and I were leaving the house today, there was a small Barnes & Noble parcel on our front doorstep. This was odd for us since it is a Saturday today!

For my last few days, this parcel was a much needed smile on my face!

I have a parcel coming with a present for Tmara and I (one we know of, Firefly the Board Game & Shattered Timelines expansion to Sentinels of the Multiverse) and after a round trip of the city and back to the main depot AND then now it being on the courier here in Mount Gambier, it wasn't delivered at all yesterday. No idea why. I could only guess they had so much to do that it wasn't gotten to and will arrive Monday. It didn't stop me though looking out the window today hoping it would arrive.

Instead, this arrived!

This was a present out of left field. It completely blew me away. This is a game we watched on youtube on Tabletop (Geek&Sundry) and I loved the idea of it BUT I never added it to a wishlist here on this blog or on BoardGameGeek as I forgot to. So to see it end up at our doorstep was a.. well.. pleasant isn't the right word. It just blew me away and turned my frown upside down!

Forbidden Island from what we saw reminded me of Pandemic in nature where you need to do as much as you can before the game defeats you, almost like a puzzle, but with Forbidden Island it is the fact there is no 'cure' like Pandemic and instead you are trying to get off the island before it sinks. We're now home alone as the 14 year old just went to his dad's in Tasmania for Christmas and the next 2 weeks, we're looking forward to breaking this out asap to learn it before he returns :D

Now, with all that blathering over and done with, comes the other reason I laughed out loud in the car when I opened the parcel: the subject of who my Secret Santa was!

My secret santa was none other than Ranni Moonbeam/Teresa Tuggle! The same one I had! As Stephanie Morrow mentioned in email to me before, she couldn't help but chuckle at the fact that we both had randomly become each other's secret santas! 

Ah the fun of how the dice fall :D

Many thanks again to Stephanie/Stargrace and Teresa/Ranni! You both made my Xmas and I am glad I did the same for Teresa. Time to prepare for next year :D

XMAS - My Secret Santa Gift to a fellow gamer has arrived!

The below has been sitting in my draft box in Gmail for the past week since I have been SO busy with work and can't post from there at present (and been so tired coming home) that I am finally doing it now.

What spurred me on? Well, read the next post and you'll see!

Without further ado, check out Ranni's blog Flaming Bard! (Link below)

December 13, 2013

I have started to actually spread the Xmas Cheer beyond just family here locally and when I saw a Gamer Secret Santa by Stargrace that was in its 5th year, I jumped at the experience. I have to admit, I will be doing it for the years to come while it still occurs and next time I will spread the word around more to see if we can get more gamers or even Aussies into it!
The response I got from my gift (somehow I am transparent and it was found out who gifted her. I am wondering if Fantasy Flight Games left the receipt or a note in the box >.>).

Gamer’s Secret Santa: The Hobbit Board Game

Stargrace at MmoQuests runs Gamer’s Secret Santa  and I’ve been fortunate to participate for three years now. It’s SUCH a fun way of exchanging a secret Santa gift with fellow gamers you may not have had a chance to “meet” otherwise were it not for Stargrace and I look forward to this exchange every year. My Secret Santa sent his gift and it arrived yesterday. Check this out!

The Hobbit Board GameThe Hobbit Board Game

He sent me The Hobbit Board Game!! I showed this to my husband last night at dinner and we agreed this is perfect. We are a competitive bunch and although we’ve gotten out of the habit of playing board games on a regular basis (so sad but …) we love a good game night where we can gather round the table and play a new game. I’m just hoping that now that my kids are grown (my youngest is 16 going on 40) we won’t have to hunt for pieces that have been misplaced. When my boys were little they would take their favorite Monopoly pieces and hide them so no one else could be the dog or the car or the hat. Really stunk when they couldn’t remember where they hid them!

Thank you SO much, Jason Pounsett!! One of my sons remarked that he can’t wait to play this when all the kids are home for Christmas. Will be awesome! Jason writes for Ooo, shiny! and writes a lot about his tabletop gaming. Check him out!