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Monday, April 07, 2014

Random - Happy B'Day to me & Quick Update

That’s right, I hit 31 today (7th April) and we honestly had a fantastic weekend (re: Tabletop Day on Saturday and out for dinner on Sunday night). The only downside is our Alhambra Big Box didn’t arrive today but should be here tomorrow!

Anyway, that aside, quick update: It has been a busy year. I’ve probably said that somewhere once before, here or on my G+ page, but I’ll say it again. Busy year, even just mentally.

I’ve had my hand in a few playtesting projects, sometimes all at the same time, and that threw my free brain time out the window. Hence, now I am breathing a breath of fresh air as I have nothing on my plate at present. 

Never again will I do concurrent projects!

Two of those playtested projects I can mention but that is all I can do as Fantasy Flight Games have announced them (The Last Banquet and Eldritch Horror’s expansion: Forbidden Lore). Anything else though is under wraps, for now, due to NDA.

 I have a huge review I am working on slowly and finding it is more of a handful than I anticipated. I’ll be putting up, eventually, a review for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, the re-released MMO from Square Enix. I’ve never reviewed a MMO before as I normally think “What is the point?” when they are ever changing. FFXIV is different. Since their re-release in August 2013, the game has only been getting better and better with each major patch (2 in 6 months). 

I started doing the review and realised it will be HUGE unless I rein it in. That is where I am at at present: getting it slowly organised into the “What makes FFXIV better than the rest?”. For a simple reaction from us: It has made us not look at any other game as there is always something to do, and that isn’t including end game (re: raid) content.

Either way, with that out of the way, I also after the weekend have got back into board gaming a bit more as the son is itching for more and more Sentinels of the Multiverse. Both the wife and I agree that it is our most favourite card game (ever!) and hence we will be working on our own box design to safely hold all the cards (base game + 3 expansions) and whatever else comes. The expanded edition box does hold all the cards but it really is a “Wafer thin’ situation.

After this busy first quarter, I am hoping of some more posts here or at least socialising on the G+ page I have now while working out what else I will be doing this year in the Shiny realm.

I hope you all have a good easter, whether you celebrate it or not, as to me: all that matters is bringing the family together!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Random - Big (overdue) update

This will be short as I've got more posts coming this week but wanted to do a post with dot points that I'll expand afterwards.

First on the list will be a shout out to Pinnacle Games! It is their 10th birthday! Happy Birthday!!

Now, onto the aforementioned dot list.

Since I last posted in September, I have read so far 4 books and working on Catching Fire at present.
  • Discworld: Guards! Guards!
  • Discworld: Men at Arms
    • Discworld is something I have been putting off for SO long and as I live with a Pratchett Fanatic, I had to start eventually. While I was in a down mood (pre-operation) I needed a pick me up. Hence, will be reading the Watch storyline before I read other story arcs within Discworld,
  • Starcraft: Heaven's Devils
    • I had an itch and got the expansion to Starcraft 2 and hence decided to try reading a few of the recommended books. This was actually a pretty good novel by William C. Dietz and it even incorporated a reasoning to how so many marines get spawned in the game into the book :D
  • The Hunger Games (Book #1)
    • I wanted to know what was all the go with the trilogy and started reading this one. About 1/3 into it, it was growing on me and when I finished it, I immediately moved into the 2nd book. I really like them so far. I've not seen the movies, I'll watch them after I've read the books.

New Purchases

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random - What a busy few weeks!

(I had this done on Monday but had issues posting from work and forgot to get it done at home till now)
Here I was previously stating we had a quiet week and then suddenly we've had a hectic, stressful, sick week with some fun thrown in!
  1. Sentinels of the Multiverse arrived! Oh how much fun that was :D Our first game was a complete flop of frustration (Omnitron) but that was pure bad luck with what happened at the beginning of it and killed us within 15 mins or less. After that, we played another 4 games rather happily. Honestly, our favourite Core Set Villain was Citizen Dawn because she felt like a raid fight (juggling). I held off reviewing it after those 5 games because I wanted it to sink in and would review after our next game. We haven’t played it since then (just due to time) but we will by end of the week.
  2. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn.. So we decided to jump on the train into a WoW-esque MMO and aside from all the troubles at present with HUGE populations, when we are in the game: We love it! It may feel WoW-esque but there is enough to make it unique. The notables for me is the class system (no need for alts), the crafting/gathering as well as the whole Final Fantasy feel.
  3. Um.. there is no #3? With the above two, we’ve been lazy mostly I believe and done a mixture of things but getting into another board game tonight or perhaps Pandemic with a few .
  4. Next parcel arriving today! In this parcel is the Rook City & Infernal Relics expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse (leaving us just Shattered Timelines to get) as well as at the very least (crossing fingers) an X-Wing & TIE Fighter miniature for X-Wing Miniatures Game. I am crossing my fingers in the hope that Pinnacle Games have some of my other bits I ordered in there but I am being far too hopeful I believe.

Once things settle down, I’ll get back on the reviewing bandwagon as well as some play sessions.  Don’t hold your breath though but I am doing better than I anticipated this last few months!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random - Quiet Week

With news hitting my ears about a family member dying, I've been a little quieter than normal online at times but after the weekend, I felt good again and back into spirits. We've been playing a loaned copy of A Castle for All Seasons and we've been loving it.

In the meantime, my copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse looks like it will be here tomorrow as it arrived in Melbourne at 5:12am today. Depending how I feel, this weekend may well be like the last weekend: Next to no video gaming and only playing tabletop games with the odd TV show here and there to break it up.

Bring on the weekend!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Random - Slow week is slow

So my last blog entry before the review where I said things were slow and then suddenly I was hit with a muse and got 1.5 reviews done (Yes, I am looking at you, Blood Bowl Sudden Death that is still half done..).

As of today, I've had an injection into my left shoulder for the bursitus there, so I am hoping with that and the panadene forte, I will get back into it. It really did drain my mental power (hah! Those who know me, would laugh at me and mental >.>) and hoping it will come back soon.

On another topic, my geek nature of Star Wars has overflowed into the realm of biting the bullet and getting two core sets of Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game and I have also infected another in our board game group who has quite a bit on order.

We're both really, REALLY looking forward to possibly doing a tournament in due time depending on interest in our group and any of the others or perhaps if there is any locals who play it.

With all this, Tmara and I are trying to get back into playing some games 2-player here, one of which is to be Arkham Horror since it has been a long while. We've also not gone back to Space Alert since our first game and that one I want to revisit.

We'll see how things go since honestly.. we've left Guild Wars 2 in the dust for now and we've subscribed to Star Wars Old Republic again to get our stories done now that Tmara has a newer PC that can actually run it efficiently. That part has been a LOT of fun.. We've almost finished our first toons (my Bounty Hunter, her Sith Warrior) which hit level 43 last night.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Random - Nothing to see here, people.

That's right, not much really to blog on at present.

We've been trying out the new Neverwinter MMO, as well as been busy visiting a friend and I recently have dived back into Guild Wars 2 as an Engineer and liking it a bit more now than previously (more how I think about being support vs giving in and going deeps).

On the board gaming front, the board gaming group has hit it off just fine :) We met two of the gamers last Friday at a cafe for a drink. Apparently we were abnormal enough that we'd be fitting in just right. How little they know ;) So the 18th is D-Day for that, We'll be playing Power Grid for the first time and I'll have to make sure I stock up on caffeine for the night :P

EDIT: Oh and almost forgot.. got an eReader again :D Kindle Paperwhite.. loving it a lot now. Much more than the Kobo Touch and MUCH faster.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random - A Shiny Wishlist

I just got Star Wars (Living) Card Game yesterday and I've been thinking on our collection of what we play or what we like/prefer to play. This has come up due to Tmara's first reaction to Star Wars. We need to play a few more games before I can make any comments here on it since our first game was very hinky with rules (as it always is with missing rules or misinterpretations).

I've learnt now that the best card games for us isn't so much a deckbuilder like Lord of the Rings LCG and Star Wars LCG but more along the lines of Blood Bowl Team Manager. With BBTM, you start with a very basic deck and build it up as you play. There is no deckbuilding between games, it is all on the luck of the game.

I've seen some recommendations so far (Dominion, Shadowrift) but either the price is a tad high per expansion if I go full hog (Dominion) or I can't find it in Australia (Shadowrift). Of these two though, Shadowrift sounds like a must have for how we (Tmara, myself and our 13 y/o son) play and what themes we prefer.

That isn't to say that I won't buy more Living Card Game packs though. I got both Lord of the Rings and Star Wars for their themes and artwork and I am not disappointed at them at all. The catch really in the end is from what I have read is with Lord of the Rings, it is a LOT better with a major expansion (~$30) or with a few Adventure Packs (~$18). Star Wars albeit is competitive so I will see how that pans out and may just get packs when I have spare $$$ not spent elsewhere. I have a past history of not liking to lose and hence Co-op is the way I prefer to go but will see how that pans out in the future.

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked as per normal.

Since some games I want are from different sites, depending how Pinnacle Games goes that is, I am going to update my blog with a My Shinies Wishlist page for games I plan on getting over time.

The main things I am looking for in the list in the end if it is something we would enjoy is games that aren't too much more than $50. I don't mind getting games in the $90-$100 range are a LOT more painful if it ends up as a "Damnit, I wish I never got this..." yet this is also why I try to be anal with researching written and video reviews.

Without further ado, my aforementioned Wishlist is at the top of the blog and I will update it over time. I plan on trying to keep items on them that I have for some reason removed but will put comments as to why, so I can check them up later and see if anything has changed.

UPDATE: Wishlist done for now. One aspect I am leaning towards now is only getting a new game once every 4-6 months (approx 2-3 new games a year at most) while the main purchases will be to upgrade our current games.

So far, the idea is quality over quantity. The games we have that I would LOVE to upgrade is Arkham Horror, Defenders of the Realm, Pandemic (awesome on its own, tempted to see what the expansions are like), Lords of Waterdeep, Blood Bowl Team Manager, Lord of the Rings/Star Wars LCG (Not at the top of the list but on my mind at the least), and even Mansions of Madness (if we get into it more).

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random - Being sick is blagh & update of week

Been sick over the weekend and the last two days while Wednesday we were just all our busy. We finally got around to getting the uDraw (on Xbox) purely because it was on special (2x $20) with Pictionary and got Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat as well on order.

Again.. We'd never buy them full priced but on special we were fine with that.

Pictionary was a bit of fun. Most of my frustration was getting used to the uDraw first up. I think I'll be using the uDraw's Instant Artist a bit to get used to it since I've not done any tablet-based drawing compared to Tmara who has (and picked it up easily).

Also, because tonight I got paid: I paid for our Star Wars Card Game order and looking forward to that when it arrives :D If only Pinnacle Games could make it arrive by the weekend. Yeah.. right, and pigs fly! >.>

We've yet to play another board game except did play a game of Big Bang Theory: Fact or Fiction (and lost to the 13 year old! >.>) but not comfortable making comments on that quite yet (re: previous bracketed comment).

I've also torn myself away from playing Kingdoms of Amalur and put the monitor finally back to the PC. I actually got to level 33 and into the 2nd last zone on the map and we finished the Dead Kel DLC (almost) where I got a glitch.. I got annoyed enough that I've restarted, this time on hard difficulty (for achievement) and making sure I don't miss the missable achievements this time and crossing fingers on the quest glitch that I was hit with.

I'm actually thankful there is an aspect of the game that annoys me since otherwise I love it to bits. Given time, I will work out doing a review on it. I believe I will do that before I get our copies of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen next Tuesday, eventhough I haven't finished Amalur yet I feel comfortable enough with what I would write.

Anyway, with that.. I start work again tomorrow and early than normal again with call centre.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Random - New look

The blog is changing colours/shape over the next few days. With Tmara's help, we'll be updating it again tonight or over weekend with a different background again once we get the header image sorted. I've also now decided to pop in a Review page at the top where any reviews I do I will update them into there for ease of finding them. I may even, gasp, try for some video game reviews of games we vastly enjoy.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random - Inconsistant Posts are Inconsistant

*gasp* I am getting back into the scene.. no really.. I am! :P
We've had a hell of a few months of stressing over finding a place to live but now we have done that and just have to work on unpacking. We've settled in now for the last 3 or 4 weeks now and the stress levels are bleeding away. After some discoveries while our son was on a school camp, he is now banned from gaming until further notice when he gets his act together with school and hence.. the board games are starting to come out :D Tmara and I collectively chose around 7 games we could play with him or we really missed playing and I'll post progress with them and thoughts as we go. Number 1 rule for me now is no schedules. I'll be random as I can do that well :P On another note too, aside from not lifting my nose from Guild Wars 2 prior to moving, we both now cannot get our nose out of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Once you get 30 mins into it and start getting fed the lore and the feel of the world R.A. Salvatore has crafted.. OMG.. we LOVE it! It is very much "Finish that faction line so we can discuss it!!" Anyway, soon I will post the collection of games we have now as well as the line-up of games we will be doing :) Just wanted to do this before I am doing someone's lunch relief here at work.. >.> (Edit: EEK! I didn't notice it was in HTML mode and not WYSIWYG)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Random - Absence from Blog

So I've been thinking lately that my absence from here has purely been from being too indepth in Guild Wars 2 and hence we really haven't been doing anything that would result in reviews from board games and the like.

I'm going to be making a few different posts here in the coming weeks as the theme of the blog will transform into a few more aspects and hence be a "What crap can I post today?" based around my "Ooo, shiny!" habits in all ways of life :P

So instead of just gaming related, I will branch into movies, TV series, even photos (yes, going to try and start doing some photography with the mother-in-law's old camera, still a VERY good camera too) and see where that all goes.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random - Blegh.. Fed up with this flu crap

Yes, just got over being sick again and this time both Tmara and I had it but she had it much worse than I had. Now I am back after a week off of work and no caring in the office.. All me me me and bitch bitch bitch..

Ah the fun of this office.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Random - Apologies, Slack Week

Been sick the last week from two different things (yay for partners! :P) and been very bed/couch orientated and when at the couch we've both been back into Red Dead Redemption again.

We've played 3 games of Lords of Waterdeep already (sorry Munchkin! Not played new pack yet :P) and the reviews are all correct: Absolutely love Lords of Waterdeep and it is very simple to learn. Additionally, whoever designed the board and the layout inside the box, I love you.. yes.. I really really do!

Turn-Based Tuesday will be out in a few days for last week and hopefully Lords of Waterdeep will be the one next week but we'll see how easy I can get back on the horse.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Random - My Shinies Page

I've finally updated it with all our board/card/dice games as well as the main games that come to mind right now. Over this coming week I'll update each with a link to the relevant information.

Once I work out a name for the video gaming 'schedule' day like Turn-Based Tuesday, I will begin working on a review every off week or thereabouts.

Anyway, that is all. Return to your stations :P

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random - Grrr, HTML

So the HTML editor is playing up for me now. I had the site all fine but decided to change the template with a Blogger one I found on a site. I even backed up the current and lo and behold.. some widgets were added and I cannot remove them due to an error code (waiting on response on support forum).

For now then, the classic template is my friend while the newer templates obviously use the same file for widgets.

Random - Fiddling & Findings

So after much fiddling to find out how to add custom widgets to the blog, I added in a "Raptr: What the heck am I playing" style widget only to quirk a brow and think "Why is Bastion the last I played?" when that was last week or so.

Lo and behold, the slow user of this computer (re: me) hasn't had Raptr loaded up for some reason when it should be automatic.

Le sigh.

Anyway, back to my Diablo 3 achievement hunting.