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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Tabletop Gaming - X-Wing Miniatures - Long time between games but...

It was a fun game last night!

My X-Wing buddy and I decided it was time to finally play against each other again. Now, I've only played maybe 4 games vs his 100+ or something now, so it was going to be fun either way.

We decided the gloves were off and to play any faction, we ended up with Rebel vs Rebel.

Wedge Antilles + R2D2
Kyle Kytarn + Blaster Turret + Recon Specialist + Moldy Crow
Ten Numb + Marksmanship + Fire Control Systems

Him (Apologies, can't 100% remember what you had :P)
3x B-Wings

  • Ten Numb, Fire Control Systems and Marksmanship (I believe)
  • 1x B-Wing with advanced Sensors and engine upgrade
  • 1x B-Wing with engine upgrade and don't think it had anything else?
Either way. that aside, it was a LOT of fun.

We played with a slightly bigger field (3x5) and with asteroids, as we always do. It was amusing because out of my three ships, I didn't anticipate the HWK (Kyle) to be the one that actually be the last one standing for my squadron. 

Anyway, that aside, progression pictures below.

As you can tell from the pictures, it was a good game but slowly deteriorated. I honestly had a LOT of fun with squadron and would love to tweak it and try it again in other plays.

The game honestly at the end there was John saying "This will be over in a few turns" and a few turns went by and he hadn't actually gotten to take a shot at the HWK or if he had, the asteroid gave me enough cover to slow the death.

I actually was believing I had a chance against 2 B-Wings because I had the asteroids and I had a turret.

That was where it all went wrong: Ten Numb did a critical and it came up with blowing up the secondary weapon: the turret. So in that last picture, you can imagine that no turret = dead.

It was damn fun though :D Looking forward to getting my first Y-Wing this week and at some point a TIE Bomber/Lambda (I want the Lambda more) as the announcement of Wave 4 (Squeeee! Memories of TIE Fighter on PC there!) has made me want to catch up on the missing models so it won't be so painful later.