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Monday, May 28, 2012

Video Gaming - Diablo 3 (Spoilers!) - Help me, Princess Leah, you're my only hope!

Alright, without further ado, as promised...

Too cute? Or did you see the marshmellows and think "Mmm, damn I want just one..." 

Wrong, because you can never have just one.

Get on with it!

Alright, alright, what did you think of the ending and the build up to it?

Sure, it isn't an award winning movie or a Shakespeare theatre play but in the end: I believe it was better than the previous two games in the franchise (not that I include Diablo 1 as having a story compared to D2 and D3).

The ending was plain and simple: Diablo is defeated and the day is saved but really, with the build up, where did it really get Sanctuary in the end? 

We've now had the epic fights in both Heaven and Hell, both aspects of Sanctuary that are vastly important are fleshed out and explored, Deckard Cain has passed on and left his legacy in Leah's hands yet were those hands stable enough to hold in all that happened from there on out? Where did that get us now?

Remember, this is just my own speculation and I know others could do this much better than I but enough of that.

Adria, Leah & the Prime Evil

To start with I am speaking of Adria's plot to use her daughter, Leah, as a tool to bring about the Prime Evil. 

Did Leah really die? Yes and no. No one can really deny that Leah died in a very bloody manner but that is only half of the equation.

In the beginning, Adria was willing to sacrifice her (only?) daughter whom the father was Aidan, the Dark Wanderer as Diablo himself at the time, to bring about Sanctuary's eventual conversion into perpetual Hell through whatever bribery Adria required.

But by having two evil parents, does this eventually mean the offspring will be just the same?

No. Leah may not be destined for the same path in the end, no matter how much she was twisted around her mother's little finger in the end.

From square one, we hear non-player characters in New Tristram talk about how they are amazed that Leah not only tends to the wounded but she also helps at the barricades against the undead that attack. She is the "Wonder Woman" of the town, helping those weak and injured while being the strong, stalwart defender, a champion even.
Never once does she shirk from her responsibility, even when she doesn't believe all her uncle is trying to impart on her, she never once turns away. Then she meets her mother and she is used to harness the power of the Black Soulstone to trap the demons. Nearing her end, she almost falters in Bastion Keep but even then she manages to keep it together albeit barely. All while doing this, she is doing it in the belief she is saving Sanctuary from the Seven Evils and never once does she attempt or believe she will be using it for evil.

To get even to that point of where her mortal form is torn from the physical realm, no one else could have done as she had as she had a connection with Diablo in her blood as well as how she is a Nephalem. With the above, it is my opinion that her form is out there still and ready to be found. A journey by non other than the players themselves.

Future of the Agiris Council

Tyrael, at the end of the game, steps back up into the Council as a mortal nonetheless but not into his position as Justice but filling the void that is Wisdom in Malthael's mad absence.

Due to the ending to Diablo 3 and how epic it fell on the player to do what they had to do, as well as the comments as the game moved on that the player themselves would die to make sure everyone else would live. This in it's own right is the embodiment of Justice.

But what about Imperius? There was a confrontation but it was cut short. With his temper and unfinished business with Tyrael and the player for the events that occured because of them, the fight will not end in diplomacy and may well birth a new Evil.

The Evils?

Imperius, Adria in the background awaiting her lover's command, and even the Mad Malthael are all there waiting to start a fight for whatever reasons.

Not to mention the Black Soulstone was never destroyed.

The main curiosity I have out of them is Malthael as the only appearance I believe for him is the animated short, Wrath.

And what would a Diablo game be without Diablo making a reappearance?

With the Worldstone destroyed and hence now the Nephalem making their re-emergence (for good and evil), the world as they know it and the Evils they have faced may well mean nothing to what could come.

Sanctuary's Future?

Now the original trilogy is over, could we now see a far more expansive Diablo coming in the future? I shudder to think of it like Warcraft 3 moving into World of Warcraft (Yes, I still do play WoW :P) because what would Blizzard get to gain from changing a second franchise into the land of the MMO? 

They should keep Diablo where it is in the genre it is but to enlarge the playing field as the lore is now unlocked into the unknown. The lore nut in me loves the thought of the world expanding almost as much as I love the thought of...