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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Tabletop Gaming - X-Wing Miniatures - Long time between games but...

It was a fun game last night!

My X-Wing buddy and I decided it was time to finally play against each other again. Now, I've only played maybe 4 games vs his 100+ or something now, so it was going to be fun either way.

We decided the gloves were off and to play any faction, we ended up with Rebel vs Rebel.

Wedge Antilles + R2D2
Kyle Kytarn + Blaster Turret + Recon Specialist + Moldy Crow
Ten Numb + Marksmanship + Fire Control Systems

Him (Apologies, can't 100% remember what you had :P)
3x B-Wings

  • Ten Numb, Fire Control Systems and Marksmanship (I believe)
  • 1x B-Wing with advanced Sensors and engine upgrade
  • 1x B-Wing with engine upgrade and don't think it had anything else?
Either way. that aside, it was a LOT of fun.

We played with a slightly bigger field (3x5) and with asteroids, as we always do. It was amusing because out of my three ships, I didn't anticipate the HWK (Kyle) to be the one that actually be the last one standing for my squadron. 

Anyway, that aside, progression pictures below.

As you can tell from the pictures, it was a good game but slowly deteriorated. I honestly had a LOT of fun with squadron and would love to tweak it and try it again in other plays.

The game honestly at the end there was John saying "This will be over in a few turns" and a few turns went by and he hadn't actually gotten to take a shot at the HWK or if he had, the asteroid gave me enough cover to slow the death.

I actually was believing I had a chance against 2 B-Wings because I had the asteroids and I had a turret.

That was where it all went wrong: Ten Numb did a critical and it came up with blowing up the secondary weapon: the turret. So in that last picture, you can imagine that no turret = dead.

It was damn fun though :D Looking forward to getting my first Y-Wing this week and at some point a TIE Bomber/Lambda (I want the Lambda more) as the announcement of Wave 4 (Squeeee! Memories of TIE Fighter on PC there!) has made me want to catch up on the missing models so it won't be so painful later.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tabletop Gaming - Much spending has been had...

Tax return has been and gone. Most of it was on bills and a huge shop but I did manage to get some shinies.

  • Star Trek Catan (On it's way)
  • X-Wing Wave 1 & 2 Miniatures (Almost in stock to send as one parcel)
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e: Blackfire Pass & The Enemy Within (Stock being picked)
Really looking forward to them arriving. I just got Masks of Nyarlathotep for Cthulhu that I am going to be running and later on I will run Enemy Within for WFRP3e when I relearn all the rules. 

That is the part I love about Cthulhu. I've not played it at tabletop in like 10 years or more now, close to 15 (ye gads!) but did GM it briefly on a forum. Either way, the rules are still up in my head. They are not confusing at all or complicated like other RPGs can be. When the Cthulhu one does start, one of the players is not only new to Cthulhu but new to roleplaying! Hopefully I can scar her for life..

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tabletop Gaming - Play Report - Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

My two core sets arrived during the week and I was really worried that a friend's set (plus Falcon/Slave I) wasn't going to arrive in time. I knew we'd make do with just the X-Wings and Eyeballs (re: TIE-F) but after last nights game...

My god that was FUN!

I played the Rebel Alliance and John the Galactic Empire. The TL;DR is 4 hours later, the Rebel Scum were pushed into the ground but not before both large ships were removed from the table!

It was a very lengthy game for our first but then instead of starting with core sets, we had 2 large ships on the table as well to learn as well as a photo shoot every, single, turn (until we noticed how long we'd been playing and tried to stop taking pics >.>).

Unfortunate for me, I assume John's pics came out okay via his phone but I had my camera on the wrong setting and the photos came out grainy. I kept the best as highlights below.

Anyway, the squadrons we used were:

(And a note to this, I made mine on the spot quickly with cards I hadn't seen yet while John prepared by using Voidstate's Squadron Builder to make his 100 point squadron before hand)

Outer Rim Smuggler (33)

YT-1300 (27), Chewbacca (4), Mercenary Copilot (2)
Luke Skywalker (39)
X-Wing (28), R2-D2 (4), Proton Torpedoes (4), Marksmanship (3)

Rookie Pilot (28)
X-Wing (21), R5-D8 (3), Proton Torpedoes (4)
Note: I actually believed I was 99/100 points but the builder had me at 101. I removed the Falcon title which I thought was a freebie but not got it here to check. I'll have to look into that later.


Kath Scarlet (58)Firespray-31 (38), Assault Missiles (5), Ion Cannon (3), Seismic Charges (2), Veteran Instincts (1), Gunner (5), Engine Upgrade (4)
Night Beast (18)TIE Fighter (15), Stealth Device (3)
Academy Pilot (12) x 2
Starting Setup

The table is actually 3 foot wide which is useful and John does have some mats coming that from the images will look damn impressive in photos.

This is how we started, so innocent, and we couldn't just have a dogfight without asteroids as shown in the photo. Those were the turning point to the whole game and we will definitely have to keep putting obstacles down for each match!

A few turns in and the dance had begun.

For the Rebels, the left X-Wing is Luke while the right is the Red Shirt (re: Rookie Pilot). For the Empire, from memory, the right two Eyeballs are his Academy Pilots and the one of the left there is Night Beast but he may be the one in the middle, I can't remember now.

I have to say, after my first move and even John said it too that we underestimated the moves with the large ships as they really do go further than you expect. Hence my X-Wing was poorly placed there on the right but thankfully missed the asteroid (for now).

Some manuevering later and lo and behold: The YT-1300 has a new hood ornament! Damn Imperials don't know how to giveway properly in a densely populated spacelane! Where'd you get your licences from again? A cornflakes packet?!

Here is a close up view of the impact itself:

Oh and yes, off to the side, you see that the Firespray as well made a daring move and got into the position John wanted: parked on an asteroid while waiting for the right moment to shoot very shortly!

Off to the left, the dance began between the X-Wing and the Eyeball that felt like it never would end!

Just before the above image, this was where things starting falling together and we both could see what would happen a few turns ahead of time. We could see how the YT-1300 would move and therefore this would happen and then this and so on.  

Oh and an update: The X-Wing above is infact Luke from the left side of the board. The Rookie Pilot was damaged a few times as well as took a hit from the Firespray's Seismic Charge and finally was ganged up on by the Eyeballs. Luke had to get away from his situation and towards the Firespray to exact needed revenge (in a Light Side way :P).

It was a good moment to see things occurring in that way and we really began to appreciate the Move-Fire aspect of how the game plays out: If not for this, the game wouldn't be as much fun.

Anyway, the above was the middle aspect of the Conga Line that began to appear and unfortunately...

...the fight came to this outcome with the X-Wing colliding only just into the Firespray and unable to do a target lock as I had planned and the YT-1300 with the Firespray so very very close behind.

This was the last image the YT-1300 showed up in as you can imagine as the Firespray got some damn good hits and finally finished her off.

I got some very lucky shots into the Firespray as Luke came around ducking infront and then as the Firespray moved, it did a Koiogran Turn (re: u-turn) to come face to face to Luke. Much to John's disappointment at Luke and his special move (change 1 Focus to 1 Evade), Luke survived only to blow up the Firespray!

After the above image though, Luke fell prey to the Eyeballs and was taken down in a fiery ball of flame when his skill eluded him on the dice.

For our first game, it was an amazing game and was only better with the soundtrack playing in the background. I am really looking forward to my order arriving with the X-Wing/TIE Fighter packs so I can get those cards as well as a Squint (TIE Interceptor) and A-Wing. 

I've already made a squadron for them as well as an Imperial counterpart and thinking I should be making one of each to include the Firespray and YT-1300 since whichever John isn't using, till I get mine, I'll be using the other.

Next time I'll make sure I use the video camera to document all this as well rather than doing from memory as I would love to get into doing play reports for the games.

Definitely giving this a huge approval and looking forward to more games. Eventhough this game went for so long, never once did we feel bored. The time just melted away honestly with many a curse being uttered under one's breath!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Random - Slow week is slow

So my last blog entry before the review where I said things were slow and then suddenly I was hit with a muse and got 1.5 reviews done (Yes, I am looking at you, Blood Bowl Sudden Death that is still half done..).

As of today, I've had an injection into my left shoulder for the bursitus there, so I am hoping with that and the panadene forte, I will get back into it. It really did drain my mental power (hah! Those who know me, would laugh at me and mental >.>) and hoping it will come back soon.

On another topic, my geek nature of Star Wars has overflowed into the realm of biting the bullet and getting two core sets of Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game and I have also infected another in our board game group who has quite a bit on order.

We're both really, REALLY looking forward to possibly doing a tournament in due time depending on interest in our group and any of the others or perhaps if there is any locals who play it.

With all this, Tmara and I are trying to get back into playing some games 2-player here, one of which is to be Arkham Horror since it has been a long while. We've also not gone back to Space Alert since our first game and that one I want to revisit.

We'll see how things go since honestly.. we've left Guild Wars 2 in the dust for now and we've subscribed to Star Wars Old Republic again to get our stories done now that Tmara has a newer PC that can actually run it efficiently. That part has been a LOT of fun.. We've almost finished our first toons (my Bounty Hunter, her Sith Warrior) which hit level 43 last night.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tabletop Gaming - Website Find - BoardGaming.Com

Board Gaming: The Fun Way to Discover Gaming

So I found this new site yesterday while browsing for game reviews for ideas of some shorter games or perhaps more card orientated games. While doing this I found Railways of the World when I did, now to find a copy!

Anyway, the above site is a community site much like yet without the clutter, with a roleplay feel with experience gains and rewards for different 'roles' on the site like being one who reviews games, reads others reviews, posts tips as well as taking part in discussions.

The atmosphere of the people on the areas I have been checking have been very friendly and honestly I love the look of the site!

From now on, I will be posting my reviews here but also there as well in the hope I get more traffic here in due time.

The best thing on the site too is that I noticed they didn't have Munchkin Quest up there yet there is a form you can fill in to be reviewed to put the new entry up the site. I almost did an entry and then noticed in history it shows someone had already put it in :) I have a few to put up like Three-Dragon Ante and Inn-Fighting when I am ready to do a review.

The reviews there too at present seem to be smaller chunks while mine looked like an essay. Either way though, I love the site and was holding off praising it here till I had been around there for a week but honestly, it doesn't need that much of a look to know what it is doing is pretty damn good.

To give me props for finding people who join up to the awesome site, click my link here! :D (Thanks to Hopstodge for reminding me :P)