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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Video Gaming - Guild Wars 2 Guild Plug - Why Plug When I can RePlug?

Fellow guildy and officer of Kamikaze Runners did a shameless plug on his blog recently and we all know how actively creative I am to do the same sort of shameless plug (*coughspluttercough*) and hence.. replugging!

Yeah yeah.. slow day at work and my usual bad, bad humour sneaking through.

Anyway, check the link below and see what you think. I am not expecting miracles since I know this blog isn't active lately and well.. not many read my banter ;)

Without further ado:

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Video Gaming - Guild Wars 2 - Amazing Vistas!

I will work out doing something more creative in the future but for now I have been taking a screenshot or two in the vista points (marker on the map of a point that shows off a feature of the area) as Marrra was doing them just so she could have images that showed off the amazing work the developers have done.

Then I did a "Look at my new background" comment and she stopped taking the pics due to my quality over hers.. >.>

Anyway, putting up a gallery on my photobucket and linking in this thread plus will put my favourite pictures so far below! Apologies, some of the images will be deleted as some don't look too good and there is doubles as I was Print Screen happy :P

Photobucket Gallery

And as a friend said in his blog, yes these are all ingame graphics!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Video Gaming - Guild Wars 2 - Don't gasp too loud!!

Yes, since the flu I was hit by, I've been really really lazy here in the blog. And admittedly, with the build up to Guild Wars 2 and there was our stint at home for a month or so with playing Dragon's Dogma with my partner on the consoles side by side.

Anyway, now Guild Wars 2 has reared its oh-so-beautiful-and-fun-head, my life has gone down the toilet when I get home from work.

Guild Wars 2. Is. That. Good.

I will explain more in the coming weeks (board gaming is on hold for now due to GW2 :P) with many a screenshot now that I have tried my 3-4 classes and found my niche.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Video Gaming - Guild Wars 2 - The Wait for the Long Weekend

Inspired by Girl vs MMO's post yet for this gamer, I am eager than EVER because I've yet to walk into the world of GW2 and resorted only to the videos and articles. From what she has been going on about over Mumble, I am looking forward to seeing it for myself!

Only a few days to go :D Not to mention, it is a long weekend! So it works out in the end with us getting the full use of the whole Beta Weekend.

With Borderlands 2 Collectors pre-purchased I wonder whether I will want to have another game under my belt but with Kamikaze Runners probably doing both World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, then I won't be able to say no >.>

Also, it is scary that I actually started up Guild Wars last night and couldn't remember how to play my Ranger/Elementalist. I had to redo his skill bar to my current playstyle and will try for more of the Nightfall campaign as I only just hit level 20ish.

Monday, June 04, 2012