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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random - Being sick is blagh & update of week

Been sick over the weekend and the last two days while Wednesday we were just all our busy. We finally got around to getting the uDraw (on Xbox) purely because it was on special (2x $20) with Pictionary and got Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat as well on order.

Again.. We'd never buy them full priced but on special we were fine with that.

Pictionary was a bit of fun. Most of my frustration was getting used to the uDraw first up. I think I'll be using the uDraw's Instant Artist a bit to get used to it since I've not done any tablet-based drawing compared to Tmara who has (and picked it up easily).

Also, because tonight I got paid: I paid for our Star Wars Card Game order and looking forward to that when it arrives :D If only Pinnacle Games could make it arrive by the weekend. Yeah.. right, and pigs fly! >.>

We've yet to play another board game except did play a game of Big Bang Theory: Fact or Fiction (and lost to the 13 year old! >.>) but not comfortable making comments on that quite yet (re: previous bracketed comment).

I've also torn myself away from playing Kingdoms of Amalur and put the monitor finally back to the PC. I actually got to level 33 and into the 2nd last zone on the map and we finished the Dead Kel DLC (almost) where I got a glitch.. I got annoyed enough that I've restarted, this time on hard difficulty (for achievement) and making sure I don't miss the missable achievements this time and crossing fingers on the quest glitch that I was hit with.

I'm actually thankful there is an aspect of the game that annoys me since otherwise I love it to bits. Given time, I will work out doing a review on it. I believe I will do that before I get our copies of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen next Tuesday, eventhough I haven't finished Amalur yet I feel comfortable enough with what I would write.

Anyway, with that.. I start work again tomorrow and early than normal again with call centre.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Video Gaming - On the topic of video games...

Since Tmara and I were stuck without internet after the move for around 2 weeks, we got back into playing on the console in the meantime.

One such purchase was Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning (we now have two copies so we don't have to share) and the other purchase was 3 copies of Sim City (while on special) for when our net arrived.

Both of them were bad for our non-game time. Sim City we tend to play in 5 hour blocks.. at a minimum (Civ5 memories of "Just one more!"),

Funnily, Kingdoms is the same. It isn't the combat that draws us in (standard fanfare there with combat really) but the lore that Salvatore has done. The world is amazing to delve into and I hope they do make more.

Amalur is one of the games I play on reviewing when we have finished it and may get insight from both myself and Tmara for it.

The only other game we bought was Gears of War 3 so we could finally finish that part of the storyline. It isn't finished yet but in the last act now. We need to get back into that when not Amalur'ing.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random - Inconsistant Posts are Inconsistant

*gasp* I am getting back into the scene.. no really.. I am! :P
We've had a hell of a few months of stressing over finding a place to live but now we have done that and just have to work on unpacking. We've settled in now for the last 3 or 4 weeks now and the stress levels are bleeding away. After some discoveries while our son was on a school camp, he is now banned from gaming until further notice when he gets his act together with school and hence.. the board games are starting to come out :D Tmara and I collectively chose around 7 games we could play with him or we really missed playing and I'll post progress with them and thoughts as we go. Number 1 rule for me now is no schedules. I'll be random as I can do that well :P On another note too, aside from not lifting my nose from Guild Wars 2 prior to moving, we both now cannot get our nose out of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Once you get 30 mins into it and start getting fed the lore and the feel of the world R.A. Salvatore has crafted.. OMG.. we LOVE it! It is very much "Finish that faction line so we can discuss it!!" Anyway, soon I will post the collection of games we have now as well as the line-up of games we will be doing :) Just wanted to do this before I am doing someone's lunch relief here at work.. >.> (Edit: EEK! I didn't notice it was in HTML mode and not WYSIWYG)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Video Gaming - Dragon's Dogma - Look out couch, I'm a coming!

After researching it up and watching the developer videos, I bought it today on the Xbox 360 and looking forward to spending some time in it. We've both been playing Red Dead Redemption lately but I had a fantasy itch to scratch (yes yes, I know a certain someone or two who would comment on that!) and hence got the game..

Thinking I really need it today after doing training for a person here at work who needed first to understand the PC better (not completely computer illiterate but not by much). Honestly, not as bad as I thought today, enjoying it actually, but looking forward to gaming tonight.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Random - Apologies, Slack Week

Been sick the last week from two different things (yay for partners! :P) and been very bed/couch orientated and when at the couch we've both been back into Red Dead Redemption again.

We've played 3 games of Lords of Waterdeep already (sorry Munchkin! Not played new pack yet :P) and the reviews are all correct: Absolutely love Lords of Waterdeep and it is very simple to learn. Additionally, whoever designed the board and the layout inside the box, I love you.. yes.. I really really do!

Turn-Based Tuesday will be out in a few days for last week and hopefully Lords of Waterdeep will be the one next week but we'll see how easy I can get back on the horse.