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Monday, April 07, 2014

Random - Happy B'Day to me & Quick Update

That’s right, I hit 31 today (7th April) and we honestly had a fantastic weekend (re: Tabletop Day on Saturday and out for dinner on Sunday night). The only downside is our Alhambra Big Box didn’t arrive today but should be here tomorrow!

Anyway, that aside, quick update: It has been a busy year. I’ve probably said that somewhere once before, here or on my G+ page, but I’ll say it again. Busy year, even just mentally.

I’ve had my hand in a few playtesting projects, sometimes all at the same time, and that threw my free brain time out the window. Hence, now I am breathing a breath of fresh air as I have nothing on my plate at present. 

Never again will I do concurrent projects!

Two of those playtested projects I can mention but that is all I can do as Fantasy Flight Games have announced them (The Last Banquet and Eldritch Horror’s expansion: Forbidden Lore). Anything else though is under wraps, for now, due to NDA.

 I have a huge review I am working on slowly and finding it is more of a handful than I anticipated. I’ll be putting up, eventually, a review for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, the re-released MMO from Square Enix. I’ve never reviewed a MMO before as I normally think “What is the point?” when they are ever changing. FFXIV is different. Since their re-release in August 2013, the game has only been getting better and better with each major patch (2 in 6 months). 

I started doing the review and realised it will be HUGE unless I rein it in. That is where I am at at present: getting it slowly organised into the “What makes FFXIV better than the rest?”. For a simple reaction from us: It has made us not look at any other game as there is always something to do, and that isn’t including end game (re: raid) content.

Either way, with that out of the way, I also after the weekend have got back into board gaming a bit more as the son is itching for more and more Sentinels of the Multiverse. Both the wife and I agree that it is our most favourite card game (ever!) and hence we will be working on our own box design to safely hold all the cards (base game + 3 expansions) and whatever else comes. The expanded edition box does hold all the cards but it really is a “Wafer thin’ situation.

After this busy first quarter, I am hoping of some more posts here or at least socialising on the G+ page I have now while working out what else I will be doing this year in the Shiny realm.

I hope you all have a good easter, whether you celebrate it or not, as to me: all that matters is bringing the family together!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Our International Tabletop Day 2014!

International Tabletop Day 2014

That's right, we did our part in Tabletop Day this year and even the 14 y/o was all hyped. I have never seen him sit at the table for so long without getting bored! It was definitely a VERY good day for our 3-person Tabletop Day in our house :D

Next year, I will organise an event at the local library here as I didn't think of it for this year. I'll do up the page over at with all the details and I'll publicise it for next year. It'll be good to get our board game group together (once in a blue moon at present) and to show others what we do. We wanted to do a club but never worked out, this instead is once a year and easily organised.

Now you ask, "What the heck is Tabletop Day? Is that like.. Monopoly?" Yes, this was what I was asked when I had my blood test Saturday morning >.> My answer: "Not just Monopoly but more complicated ones, card games and other board games." It was hard to describe to someone who thought of Monopoly and Mouse Trap when thinking on board games.

Now, back to what I was saying, what is Tabletop Day?

Our group wasn't extravagant but it was still a lot of fun with my wife, son and myself playing from around midday till 9:30pm (with a break for shopping) when the official part ended (wife/son played a few more Fluxx games afterwards).

The idea of our day was we picked one medium length game and one short game each. The collection and order the dice rolled them into was:
  1. Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon (Son's medium)
  2. Small World (My short)
    • This was via Steam as we lack the tabletop version of it but LOVE Small World
  3. Sentinels of the Multiverse+3 Expansions (My medium)
  4. Monty Python Fluxx (Wife's short)
  5. Discworld: Ankh-Morpork (Wife's medium)
  6. Uno (Son's short)
    • We used elimination rules we learnt via the XBLA Uno game as it is nice and quick!
Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon

D&D Wrath of Ashardalon @ Wizards of the Coast

Adventure 3: Roghar's Gear

  • Tmara: Wizard, Cleric
  • Aramis: Rogue
  • Myself: Paladin, Fighter
We opted to play all the classes rather than just three because it really was a hard choice on who to take in with us. The adventure went really smooth, to be honest. I believe it would have gone pear-shaped if we had split up and kept spawning new rooms. We did branch off (see path above that goes to the right) but doubled back to the path that was heading north on the picture to eventually lead to the Vault.

Special mention has to go to Aramis' Rogue who managed to wipe out all 4 monsters on 1 tile with one attack! It made our life easier with that, that is for sure!

Winner: Players!

Small World 2 [Digital]
  • Tmara: Seafaring Gypsies > Mounted Giants > Pillaging Humans
  • Aramis: Corrupt Homunculus > Catapult Tritons
  • Myself: Merchant Orcs > Wealthy Sorcerers > Berserking Elves
I had a good lead in this game actually with the Merchant Orcs raking the gold in but by the end, I was beaten by Tmara by a good 20 or so gold. Her total was 103, with myself around 80 and Aramis was around 60.

Winner: Tmara!

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Environment: The Block

Hero Lineup

  • Tmara: Nightmist
  • Aramis: Chrono Ranger
  • Me: Unity
This is one of my top favourite co-operative games (and our only Super Hero game, I believe) because of how much it really, REALLY has the deciding factor on how well the players work together (as well as who the heroes are, sometimes).

So far with Sentinels of the Multiverse, we have the first 3 expansions of Rook City, Infernal Relics and Shattered Timelines and eventually, we will have the rest of them when they all come out..

We honestly looked like it was going to be left as Tmara vs the Boss for half the game there as the infection the Plague Rat kept taking both Aramis and myself down. Ultimately, Aramis made a huge sacrifice to take one for the team and then his Incapacitated Powers kicked in and oh my gosh, did that become the deciding factor for the heroes to succeed!

Each of Aramis' turns, he kept giving Tmara or myself the ability to play a card or do a power.

Even before his demise too, I was finding it tricky with bringing out more Mechanical Golems as Unity but both Aramis and Tmara gave up equipment for the greater good (even used a ring to make a small Raptor Golem!).

Both Tmara and myself kept ourselves upright to see the Plague Rat fall and be locked up in The Block for one more day but we couldn't have done it without Chrono Ranger sacrificing himself.

Winner: Players!

Fluxx: Monty Python

Monty Python Fluxx @ Looney Labs
This one is harder for me to summarise because if you have ever played a Fluxx (we only own Monty Python, at present), it is a cluster---- and hence cannot state what happened unless you were there!

The game's rules went to Draw 5 and Play 1, to Play All, Play 4, Draw 4, Outrageous Accents, and the eventual stealth win by...

Winner: Aramis!

Discworld: Ankh-Morpork

Discworld: Ankh-Morpork @ Treefrog Games

  • Tmara: Lord Vetinari (1 minion away from winning)
  • Aramis: Commander Vimes
  • Me: Dragon King of Arms (I won with 8 trouble markers on the board)
This is Tmara's favourite in our collection because not only is it Discworld (re: Terry Pratchet Universe) but it is perfectly executed both with art style and the mechanics.

It is a worker placement game where you have a limited number of workers to place on the board while playing cards each turn and ultimately trying to get your individual victory condition. All while this happens, while you are trying to win, you are trying to do so in a way that doesn't tip off the other players on who you are playing!

In our game, Tmara's Lord Vetinari was trying to get a certain number of minions onto the board to win. I (Dragon King of Arms) was trying to cause as much trouble (the round black markers) and when there was 8 on the board at the start of my turn, I won. Aramis, alternatively, was Commander Vimes and his only victory condition was the draw deck had to run out (ie that Vimes held the city together, through thick and thin).

Tmara was 1 minion away from her victory when I myself just smuggly said "I win" much to their bewilderment. Aramis may have lost but he definitely slowed my trouble placement down as well as assassinating Tmara's minions.

The other Personalities you can play is 3 of them are controlling a set amount of areas on the board (Lord Selachii, Lord Rust, Lord de Worde) or having a certain net worth of money and buildings (Chrysoprase).

If you are a Discworld fan, we highly recommend this game as it drips Discworld both in the art work and the mechanics on each card from anything like CMOT Dibbler to the Seamstresses Guild.

Uno: Elimination

We love the Elimination rules that we first learnt via XBLA's Uno game. The rules are simple: If you can't play a card, you are out. We had tokens on the table and the first player with three was the winner.

At the end, Aramis had 3, Tmara had 2 and I had *mumbles*.. yes, I said none.. I had no tokens at the end >.>

Winner: Aramis!

Overall Tabletop Day Champion

Taking only the competitive games into account here...

Tmara: 1 game (Small World)
Myself: 1 game (Discworld)
Aramis: 2 games (Fluxx & Uno)

Overall Champion for 2014 goes to Aramis!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random - What a busy few weeks!

(I had this done on Monday but had issues posting from work and forgot to get it done at home till now)
Here I was previously stating we had a quiet week and then suddenly we've had a hectic, stressful, sick week with some fun thrown in!
  1. Sentinels of the Multiverse arrived! Oh how much fun that was :D Our first game was a complete flop of frustration (Omnitron) but that was pure bad luck with what happened at the beginning of it and killed us within 15 mins or less. After that, we played another 4 games rather happily. Honestly, our favourite Core Set Villain was Citizen Dawn because she felt like a raid fight (juggling). I held off reviewing it after those 5 games because I wanted it to sink in and would review after our next game. We haven’t played it since then (just due to time) but we will by end of the week.
  2. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn.. So we decided to jump on the train into a WoW-esque MMO and aside from all the troubles at present with HUGE populations, when we are in the game: We love it! It may feel WoW-esque but there is enough to make it unique. The notables for me is the class system (no need for alts), the crafting/gathering as well as the whole Final Fantasy feel.
  3. Um.. there is no #3? With the above two, we’ve been lazy mostly I believe and done a mixture of things but getting into another board game tonight or perhaps Pandemic with a few .
  4. Next parcel arriving today! In this parcel is the Rook City & Infernal Relics expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse (leaving us just Shattered Timelines to get) as well as at the very least (crossing fingers) an X-Wing & TIE Fighter miniature for X-Wing Miniatures Game. I am crossing my fingers in the hope that Pinnacle Games have some of my other bits I ordered in there but I am being far too hopeful I believe.

Once things settle down, I’ll get back on the reviewing bandwagon as well as some play sessions.  Don’t hold your breath though but I am doing better than I anticipated this last few months!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random - Quiet Week

With news hitting my ears about a family member dying, I've been a little quieter than normal online at times but after the weekend, I felt good again and back into spirits. We've been playing a loaned copy of A Castle for All Seasons and we've been loving it.

In the meantime, my copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse looks like it will be here tomorrow as it arrived in Melbourne at 5:12am today. Depending how I feel, this weekend may well be like the last weekend: Next to no video gaming and only playing tabletop games with the odd TV show here and there to break it up.

Bring on the weekend!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Random - Slow week is slow

So my last blog entry before the review where I said things were slow and then suddenly I was hit with a muse and got 1.5 reviews done (Yes, I am looking at you, Blood Bowl Sudden Death that is still half done..).

As of today, I've had an injection into my left shoulder for the bursitus there, so I am hoping with that and the panadene forte, I will get back into it. It really did drain my mental power (hah! Those who know me, would laugh at me and mental >.>) and hoping it will come back soon.

On another topic, my geek nature of Star Wars has overflowed into the realm of biting the bullet and getting two core sets of Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game and I have also infected another in our board game group who has quite a bit on order.

We're both really, REALLY looking forward to possibly doing a tournament in due time depending on interest in our group and any of the others or perhaps if there is any locals who play it.

With all this, Tmara and I are trying to get back into playing some games 2-player here, one of which is to be Arkham Horror since it has been a long while. We've also not gone back to Space Alert since our first game and that one I want to revisit.

We'll see how things go since honestly.. we've left Guild Wars 2 in the dust for now and we've subscribed to Star Wars Old Republic again to get our stories done now that Tmara has a newer PC that can actually run it efficiently. That part has been a LOT of fun.. We've almost finished our first toons (my Bounty Hunter, her Sith Warrior) which hit level 43 last night.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tabletop Gaming - All Quiet on the Gaming Front

The last few weeks have been quiet here and we have played Blood Bowl’s expansion “Sudden Death” as well as our first game of Space Alert (albeit did it mostly pausing but by the end was letting it run, next time it will be in real time).
I have Arkham Horror on the table to set up and thinking that will be for Wednesday as it has been a little while and we’ve wanted to play it but kept putting it off (re: Star Wars Old Republic & Saints Row the Third, I am looking at you two >.>)
I also have a few drafts of reviews sitting behind the scenes that I will get done as well *gasp* I need to do more reviewing as I’ve found I have had good comments on the two reviews I’ve done so far over at Board Game Geek.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tabletop Gaming - Dixit - 23rd May 2013

Almost a spur of the moment family night here with BYO dinner and since we borrowed Dixit off John (Many thanks!), we decided to dive in and play it first time with them. After they checked the rules, they were a little bewildered but once they got their hands dirty, they really, REALLY enjoyed it :D

It is definitely now on our To-Buy list (Unfortunately I just put a game on order for next week - Space Alert) right next to Agricola.

After checking my normal site (plug: Pinnacle Games) I got the surprise that Dixit has a few expansions. For once, I actually am happy for a game that has a few, even if they are all equal price of the base game itself.

The main aspect we enjoyed the most was the 13 year old son wasn't going to play, he didn't think he would do too well. Infact, he didn't come last (I actually came last >.>) and there were times that his card was chosen over others due to his creativity!

All in all, highly enjoyed it and now have to work out whether we return it to John or follow Tmara's recommendation ("When do we return it?" "Nevah!")

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random - A Shiny Wishlist

I just got Star Wars (Living) Card Game yesterday and I've been thinking on our collection of what we play or what we like/prefer to play. This has come up due to Tmara's first reaction to Star Wars. We need to play a few more games before I can make any comments here on it since our first game was very hinky with rules (as it always is with missing rules or misinterpretations).

I've learnt now that the best card games for us isn't so much a deckbuilder like Lord of the Rings LCG and Star Wars LCG but more along the lines of Blood Bowl Team Manager. With BBTM, you start with a very basic deck and build it up as you play. There is no deckbuilding between games, it is all on the luck of the game.

I've seen some recommendations so far (Dominion, Shadowrift) but either the price is a tad high per expansion if I go full hog (Dominion) or I can't find it in Australia (Shadowrift). Of these two though, Shadowrift sounds like a must have for how we (Tmara, myself and our 13 y/o son) play and what themes we prefer.

That isn't to say that I won't buy more Living Card Game packs though. I got both Lord of the Rings and Star Wars for their themes and artwork and I am not disappointed at them at all. The catch really in the end is from what I have read is with Lord of the Rings, it is a LOT better with a major expansion (~$30) or with a few Adventure Packs (~$18). Star Wars albeit is competitive so I will see how that pans out and may just get packs when I have spare $$$ not spent elsewhere. I have a past history of not liking to lose and hence Co-op is the way I prefer to go but will see how that pans out in the future.

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked as per normal.

Since some games I want are from different sites, depending how Pinnacle Games goes that is, I am going to update my blog with a My Shinies Wishlist page for games I plan on getting over time.

The main things I am looking for in the list in the end if it is something we would enjoy is games that aren't too much more than $50. I don't mind getting games in the $90-$100 range are a LOT more painful if it ends up as a "Damnit, I wish I never got this..." yet this is also why I try to be anal with researching written and video reviews.

Without further ado, my aforementioned Wishlist is at the top of the blog and I will update it over time. I plan on trying to keep items on them that I have for some reason removed but will put comments as to why, so I can check them up later and see if anything has changed.

UPDATE: Wishlist done for now. One aspect I am leaning towards now is only getting a new game once every 4-6 months (approx 2-3 new games a year at most) while the main purchases will be to upgrade our current games.

So far, the idea is quality over quantity. The games we have that I would LOVE to upgrade is Arkham Horror, Defenders of the Realm, Pandemic (awesome on its own, tempted to see what the expansions are like), Lords of Waterdeep, Blood Bowl Team Manager, Lord of the Rings/Star Wars LCG (Not at the top of the list but on my mind at the least), and even Mansions of Madness (if we get into it more).

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random - Being sick is blagh & update of week

Been sick over the weekend and the last two days while Wednesday we were just all our busy. We finally got around to getting the uDraw (on Xbox) purely because it was on special (2x $20) with Pictionary and got Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat as well on order.

Again.. We'd never buy them full priced but on special we were fine with that.

Pictionary was a bit of fun. Most of my frustration was getting used to the uDraw first up. I think I'll be using the uDraw's Instant Artist a bit to get used to it since I've not done any tablet-based drawing compared to Tmara who has (and picked it up easily).

Also, because tonight I got paid: I paid for our Star Wars Card Game order and looking forward to that when it arrives :D If only Pinnacle Games could make it arrive by the weekend. Yeah.. right, and pigs fly! >.>

We've yet to play another board game except did play a game of Big Bang Theory: Fact or Fiction (and lost to the 13 year old! >.>) but not comfortable making comments on that quite yet (re: previous bracketed comment).

I've also torn myself away from playing Kingdoms of Amalur and put the monitor finally back to the PC. I actually got to level 33 and into the 2nd last zone on the map and we finished the Dead Kel DLC (almost) where I got a glitch.. I got annoyed enough that I've restarted, this time on hard difficulty (for achievement) and making sure I don't miss the missable achievements this time and crossing fingers on the quest glitch that I was hit with.

I'm actually thankful there is an aspect of the game that annoys me since otherwise I love it to bits. Given time, I will work out doing a review on it. I believe I will do that before I get our copies of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen next Tuesday, eventhough I haven't finished Amalur yet I feel comfortable enough with what I would write.

Anyway, with that.. I start work again tomorrow and early than normal again with call centre.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tabletop Gaming - *gasp* Been awhile since I purchased a non-video game..

I just checked the archive and noticed it was 13th June 2012 that I bought Lords of Waterdeep (on my list of need to review!) and nothing since then. Oh I lie.. we got a few things like Lego Creationary, Big Bang Theory: Fact or Fiction, and a few others but nothing of our normal board games we get.

That will change as I have Star Wars the Card Game on order for next week when paid. I'm looking forward to it since we own Lord of the Rings Card Game from FFG as well as I played the previous incarnation (or one of) of Star Wars TCG with the hero/ground/space battle mechanic.

FFGs though I think has hit the nail on the head for me after reading the rulebook and watching the tutorial video.

Only time will tell!

Tabletop Gaming - Blood Bowl TCG: Sudden Death Expansion

Really. Really. REALLY! looking forward to this one.

The only real disappointment we had with Blood Bowl: The Card Game was one of the team's we wanted to play was Dark Elves and they weren't in the core set.   As I said in my review, I knew there would be expansions due to the 25th Anniversary this year and hence looking forward to this hitting the shelves :D  

Update #1: I know this has been news for abit now but I've not been blogging, bad me :P

Update #2 I'm doubly bad now that I noticed it was released on the 15th March but I just ordered Star Wars LCG.. so no love for BBTCG, for now... 

Blood Bowl: Sudden Death Mini Site

Well, Bob, I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about the new teams entering the league!
You bet, Jim. With the Dark Sorcery Syndicate joining the Team Manager’s Union, the death toll will likely hit a record high!
You’re right, Bob. For the teams in the Dark Sorcery Syndicate, it’s hard to keep a good player down.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Sudden Death, a bone-breaking, pulse-pounding expansion for Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game! This death-defying expansion brings a host of options to the pitch, including three new teams, new Contract payouts, new enchanted balls, and more.
The Dark Sorcery Syndicate union features dabblers in forbidden magics who just don’t know when to stay down. The undead Champions of Death tear up the pitch – sometimes literally as they raise new zombies and skeletons from the corpses of former Blood Bowl players. The vampires of the Black Fangs are always thirsty for victory (and blood). And the Dark Elves of the Naggaroth Nightmares are happy to give both teams plenty of fresh corpses with which to play.

Three Death-Defying New Teams

Champions of Death: Not even mortality can stand between an Undead player and the pitch! While Zombies and Skeletons are not the most durable players, they can survive nearly any beating and come back for more! And woe to the opponent who has to stand up against a Mummy or Wight.
Black Fangs: The mighty Vampires of the Black Fangs do not know the meaning of mercy—they don’t even show it to their own teammates! Whenever a Vampire player isn’t feasting on one of his Thrall players, he has got his eyes—and fangs—on his opponent.

Naggaroth Nightmares: Dark Elves are merciless players, always looking to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses to find the quickest path to victory—even if it means eviscerating the competition. Dark Elf players rely on versatility and brutality, plain and simple..

Sudden Death features new teams, new gameplay options, and even more cards for your current experience. This jam-packed expansion is sure to raise your spirits...and maybe a few others. Learn more visiting our Sudden Death website, and look for it on store shelves later this year!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tabletop Gaming - It's time to dive back in!

So as previously mentioned, we're getting back into board gaming :D

The image to at the bottom of this post is our gaming (and mostly my RPG books at the bottom there) shelf at present and to think I have been held back over the last few years.. I wonder what it would have looked like? :P

The games we have aside now to play in the coming week or two and I will try and do up comments on here, a review or perhaps just a mini review, is as follows (in no particular order):
  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • Defenders of the Realm
  • Dungeon Lords
  • Blood Bowl (Card Game)
  • Pandemic
  • Big Bang Theory: Fact or Fiction
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tabletop Gaming - D&D Lords of Waterdeep & Munchkin 8

That's right, we have some new stuff coming!

Pinnacle Games will be happy with me.. Each time I buy from them I spend around $100 :P

D&D Lords of Waterdeep sounds really, really good and the reviews are very positive and well.. we found out there was a new Munchkin expansion (Half Horse, Will Travel) sounds like a breath of fresh air with some new races and classes :D

As long as the courier has no issues, we'll have them by Monday/Tuesday at latest I would expect and hence I plan on reviewing Lords of Waterdeep as my TBT after next week.

Below is the ~8min video from Wizards of the Coast explaining how Lords of Waterdeep is played, I highly recommend watching as it isn't a dungeon crawler *gasp* Is there such a game for the D&D franchise?!

There is now :D

For further readings about Lords of Waterdeep, check the BoardGaming page and the comments there.

Tabletop Gaming - Website Find - BoardGaming.Com

Board Gaming: The Fun Way to Discover Gaming

So I found this new site yesterday while browsing for game reviews for ideas of some shorter games or perhaps more card orientated games. While doing this I found Railways of the World when I did, now to find a copy!

Anyway, the above site is a community site much like yet without the clutter, with a roleplay feel with experience gains and rewards for different 'roles' on the site like being one who reviews games, reads others reviews, posts tips as well as taking part in discussions.

The atmosphere of the people on the areas I have been checking have been very friendly and honestly I love the look of the site!

From now on, I will be posting my reviews here but also there as well in the hope I get more traffic here in due time.

The best thing on the site too is that I noticed they didn't have Munchkin Quest up there yet there is a form you can fill in to be reviewed to put the new entry up the site. I almost did an entry and then noticed in history it shows someone had already put it in :) I have a few to put up like Three-Dragon Ante and Inn-Fighting when I am ready to do a review.

The reviews there too at present seem to be smaller chunks while mine looked like an essay. Either way though, I love the site and was holding off praising it here till I had been around there for a week but honestly, it doesn't need that much of a look to know what it is doing is pretty damn good.

To give me props for finding people who join up to the awesome site, click my link here! :D (Thanks to Hopstodge for reminding me :P)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Tabletop Gaming - Taking Requests for Next Review

Check My Shinies: What do you want reviewed next from the board/card/dice games?
Thought I would see if there was any preferences than what I had planned.

Feel free to either comment here or tweet @oooshinygames

Tabletop Gaming - Review - Blood Bowl Team Manager (the Card Game)

Cheating. Blood. Football. Fantasy. Minotaurs.

All of these and more is Blood Bowl Team Manager. Blood Bowl, an IP of Games Workshop and originally a tabletop miniatures game (now also a PC/Console game) has now ventured into the land of a card game.

No no, before you cry about another Magic, or one of those other collectable card games: Blood Bowl Team Manager is a complete box of what you need and it works very well. Surprisingly so.

I held off around 6-8 months to get this and I really wish I hadn't and I am very glad I had the spontaneous thought of buying it so that my 12 year old step-son could play Blood Bowl without the blood of the video game. And oh man, was it one of the best purchases I had made!

The premise of Blood Bowl in general is two teams pit against each other to cheat, pass, run the ball for touchdowns, or outright decimate the opposing team, whatever it takes to be the winners of the fabled Blood Bowl Cup.

The teams that come in the box are: Humans, Dwarves, Wood Elves, Chaos, Orcs and Skaven. There are many more that the company could bring out and from what people are saying, with this year being Blood Bowl's 25th Anniversary, that we will see expansions coming. Cross fingers :D

Now, the card game translates this very well by not focusing on a single match at a time but the highlights of the games. Each highlight can have up to two teams compete on them and with an up to four player game, choosing which highlights you want to focus on is one of the starting challenges.

Rather than delving into the rules too deep if you want to know how it plays specifically, there is a set of video tutorials by Fantasy Flight Games showing you just that.

In the above picture , the cards in the middle are the Highlights while the cards left and right are the cards from our hand that we use to try and win the spoils on the card. If you can see it, the Highlights have two 'touchdown zones' that have rewards on the left and right as well as a bigger reward in the middle. As long as you have someone there, you get the reward on the side you choose to represent, and the middle if you win the match. If no one is competing against you, you get all the spoils of the match!

In the end, once you have played in the match ups you want to take part in, and the Scoreboard Phase has been done to see what victory points, star players, staff and team upgrades have been won as spoils of war: The highlights happen all over again!

I thought I better for a tidbit here that the artwork I absolutely loved. It reflected the original game nicely and even sported (how could it not?!) flavour text from the commentators, the Vampire Jim Johnson and the Ogre Bob Bifford.

All in all, the game takes us around 90 to 120 mins approximately. Sunday lunchtime was around the 120 minute mark purely since we haven't played in a month or two.

The winner in the end is not the team with the most physical spoils of war but the roaring, raging fans that follow behind you. He who has the most fans wins the right to be the Champion of the Table!

If you wonder if a $35 USD game is worth it, you shouldn't think a second minute on it. For that amount of money versus some of the other games we have and their price tags to get the same amount of fun (Arkham Horror for instance) then it is a no-brainer!

Once bought, you will never look back.

BBTM Review @ BGG

Monday, June 04, 2012

Tabletop Gaming - Store Plug - Pinnacle Games Online Board Gaming Store

Just a short plug since if I have to buy a board or card game or whathaveyou, my go to store is Pinnacle Games, located in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. The best advantage honestly is the store is online! Only catch I believe is I don't know if he sends stock overseas.

Over the last 2 years, I have bought at the very least:

(In no particular order)
  • Lord of the Rings Living Card Game
  • Gears of War Board Game
  • Arkham Horror Expansions
    • Lurker at the Threshold
    • Dunwich Horror
    • Black Goat of the Woods
  • Defenders of the Realms & Barbarian Expansion
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon
  • A Touch of Evil & Expansion: Something Wicked
  • Blood Bowl: Team Manager the Card Game
  • Mansions of Madness
So as you can see, I got a heap from them :) Warran has extremely helpful and friendly advice, especially when I want to buy something different as he himself has a collection and a half of games his partner is ashamed of too!

If you buy from there, tell him Jason from jayvenpup at gmail dot com sent you :D (Maybe saying "Jason" or "that South Aussie Government Guy" may work too :P)