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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Random - Big (overdue) update

This will be short as I've got more posts coming this week but wanted to do a post with dot points that I'll expand afterwards.

First on the list will be a shout out to Pinnacle Games! It is their 10th birthday! Happy Birthday!!

Now, onto the aforementioned dot list.

Since I last posted in September, I have read so far 4 books and working on Catching Fire at present.
  • Discworld: Guards! Guards!
  • Discworld: Men at Arms
    • Discworld is something I have been putting off for SO long and as I live with a Pratchett Fanatic, I had to start eventually. While I was in a down mood (pre-operation) I needed a pick me up. Hence, will be reading the Watch storyline before I read other story arcs within Discworld,
  • Starcraft: Heaven's Devils
    • I had an itch and got the expansion to Starcraft 2 and hence decided to try reading a few of the recommended books. This was actually a pretty good novel by William C. Dietz and it even incorporated a reasoning to how so many marines get spawned in the game into the book :D
  • The Hunger Games (Book #1)
    • I wanted to know what was all the go with the trilogy and started reading this one. About 1/3 into it, it was growing on me and when I finished it, I immediately moved into the 2nd book. I really like them so far. I've not seen the movies, I'll watch them after I've read the books.

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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Random - Nothing to see here, people.

That's right, not much really to blog on at present.

We've been trying out the new Neverwinter MMO, as well as been busy visiting a friend and I recently have dived back into Guild Wars 2 as an Engineer and liking it a bit more now than previously (more how I think about being support vs giving in and going deeps).

On the board gaming front, the board gaming group has hit it off just fine :) We met two of the gamers last Friday at a cafe for a drink. Apparently we were abnormal enough that we'd be fitting in just right. How little they know ;) So the 18th is D-Day for that, We'll be playing Power Grid for the first time and I'll have to make sure I stock up on caffeine for the night :P

EDIT: Oh and almost forgot.. got an eReader again :D Kindle Paperwhite.. loving it a lot now. Much more than the Kobo Touch and MUCH faster.