Sunday, April 06, 2014

Our International Tabletop Day 2014!

International Tabletop Day 2014

That's right, we did our part in Tabletop Day this year and even the 14 y/o was all hyped. I have never seen him sit at the table for so long without getting bored! It was definitely a VERY good day for our 3-person Tabletop Day in our house :D

Next year, I will organise an event at the local library here as I didn't think of it for this year. I'll do up the page over at with all the details and I'll publicise it for next year. It'll be good to get our board game group together (once in a blue moon at present) and to show others what we do. We wanted to do a club but never worked out, this instead is once a year and easily organised.

Now you ask, "What the heck is Tabletop Day? Is that like.. Monopoly?" Yes, this was what I was asked when I had my blood test Saturday morning >.> My answer: "Not just Monopoly but more complicated ones, card games and other board games." It was hard to describe to someone who thought of Monopoly and Mouse Trap when thinking on board games.

Now, back to what I was saying, what is Tabletop Day?

Our group wasn't extravagant but it was still a lot of fun with my wife, son and myself playing from around midday till 9:30pm (with a break for shopping) when the official part ended (wife/son played a few more Fluxx games afterwards).

The idea of our day was we picked one medium length game and one short game each. The collection and order the dice rolled them into was:
  1. Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon (Son's medium)
  2. Small World (My short)
    • This was via Steam as we lack the tabletop version of it but LOVE Small World
  3. Sentinels of the Multiverse+3 Expansions (My medium)
  4. Monty Python Fluxx (Wife's short)
  5. Discworld: Ankh-Morpork (Wife's medium)
  6. Uno (Son's short)
    • We used elimination rules we learnt via the XBLA Uno game as it is nice and quick!
Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon

D&D Wrath of Ashardalon @ Wizards of the Coast

Adventure 3: Roghar's Gear

  • Tmara: Wizard, Cleric
  • Aramis: Rogue
  • Myself: Paladin, Fighter
We opted to play all the classes rather than just three because it really was a hard choice on who to take in with us. The adventure went really smooth, to be honest. I believe it would have gone pear-shaped if we had split up and kept spawning new rooms. We did branch off (see path above that goes to the right) but doubled back to the path that was heading north on the picture to eventually lead to the Vault.

Special mention has to go to Aramis' Rogue who managed to wipe out all 4 monsters on 1 tile with one attack! It made our life easier with that, that is for sure!

Winner: Players!

Small World 2 [Digital]
  • Tmara: Seafaring Gypsies > Mounted Giants > Pillaging Humans
  • Aramis: Corrupt Homunculus > Catapult Tritons
  • Myself: Merchant Orcs > Wealthy Sorcerers > Berserking Elves
I had a good lead in this game actually with the Merchant Orcs raking the gold in but by the end, I was beaten by Tmara by a good 20 or so gold. Her total was 103, with myself around 80 and Aramis was around 60.

Winner: Tmara!

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Environment: The Block

Hero Lineup

  • Tmara: Nightmist
  • Aramis: Chrono Ranger
  • Me: Unity
This is one of my top favourite co-operative games (and our only Super Hero game, I believe) because of how much it really, REALLY has the deciding factor on how well the players work together (as well as who the heroes are, sometimes).

So far with Sentinels of the Multiverse, we have the first 3 expansions of Rook City, Infernal Relics and Shattered Timelines and eventually, we will have the rest of them when they all come out..

We honestly looked like it was going to be left as Tmara vs the Boss for half the game there as the infection the Plague Rat kept taking both Aramis and myself down. Ultimately, Aramis made a huge sacrifice to take one for the team and then his Incapacitated Powers kicked in and oh my gosh, did that become the deciding factor for the heroes to succeed!

Each of Aramis' turns, he kept giving Tmara or myself the ability to play a card or do a power.

Even before his demise too, I was finding it tricky with bringing out more Mechanical Golems as Unity but both Aramis and Tmara gave up equipment for the greater good (even used a ring to make a small Raptor Golem!).

Both Tmara and myself kept ourselves upright to see the Plague Rat fall and be locked up in The Block for one more day but we couldn't have done it without Chrono Ranger sacrificing himself.

Winner: Players!

Fluxx: Monty Python

Monty Python Fluxx @ Looney Labs
This one is harder for me to summarise because if you have ever played a Fluxx (we only own Monty Python, at present), it is a cluster---- and hence cannot state what happened unless you were there!

The game's rules went to Draw 5 and Play 1, to Play All, Play 4, Draw 4, Outrageous Accents, and the eventual stealth win by...

Winner: Aramis!

Discworld: Ankh-Morpork

Discworld: Ankh-Morpork @ Treefrog Games

  • Tmara: Lord Vetinari (1 minion away from winning)
  • Aramis: Commander Vimes
  • Me: Dragon King of Arms (I won with 8 trouble markers on the board)
This is Tmara's favourite in our collection because not only is it Discworld (re: Terry Pratchet Universe) but it is perfectly executed both with art style and the mechanics.

It is a worker placement game where you have a limited number of workers to place on the board while playing cards each turn and ultimately trying to get your individual victory condition. All while this happens, while you are trying to win, you are trying to do so in a way that doesn't tip off the other players on who you are playing!

In our game, Tmara's Lord Vetinari was trying to get a certain number of minions onto the board to win. I (Dragon King of Arms) was trying to cause as much trouble (the round black markers) and when there was 8 on the board at the start of my turn, I won. Aramis, alternatively, was Commander Vimes and his only victory condition was the draw deck had to run out (ie that Vimes held the city together, through thick and thin).

Tmara was 1 minion away from her victory when I myself just smuggly said "I win" much to their bewilderment. Aramis may have lost but he definitely slowed my trouble placement down as well as assassinating Tmara's minions.

The other Personalities you can play is 3 of them are controlling a set amount of areas on the board (Lord Selachii, Lord Rust, Lord de Worde) or having a certain net worth of money and buildings (Chrysoprase).

If you are a Discworld fan, we highly recommend this game as it drips Discworld both in the art work and the mechanics on each card from anything like CMOT Dibbler to the Seamstresses Guild.

Uno: Elimination

We love the Elimination rules that we first learnt via XBLA's Uno game. The rules are simple: If you can't play a card, you are out. We had tokens on the table and the first player with three was the winner.

At the end, Aramis had 3, Tmara had 2 and I had *mumbles*.. yes, I said none.. I had no tokens at the end >.>

Winner: Aramis!

Overall Tabletop Day Champion

Taking only the competitive games into account here...

Tmara: 1 game (Small World)
Myself: 1 game (Discworld)
Aramis: 2 games (Fluxx & Uno)

Overall Champion for 2014 goes to Aramis!