Friday, January 10, 2014

Tabletop Buys - Oh the horrors of clearances!

Expensive week,  yes we have had,  hmm.

The purchases were done a day before the car broke down too!

Oh well,  these things happen but gaming prevails.

Prior to finding out some clearances,  I put in an order of:

- Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Book (tabletop roleplay)
- Star Wars Roleplay Dice
- Fudge Dice (Centurion set)
- Tsuro of the Seas (board game)

Then the clearances happened at games empire with regards to Star Wars...

WotC Star Wars Saga Sourcebooks ($10 each)
- Scavengers Guide to Droids
- Galaxy of Intrigue
- Threats of the Galaxy

Star Wars Miniatures
- repacked booster of minis from any set.

The minis I planned on more as they are selling 12 booster packs of some sets for $50 each.  With the car breaking down though,  this will be on backburner.

I'll post pictures on the items when they arrive!