Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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A few weeks ago, I talked with Tmara about Eberron and how much we missed it. I had attempted running it 2-3 times on a forum once before but never followed through. It is by far the BEST setting that our household loves dearly.

So what does this have to do with the FATE system Strands of Fate (and the supplement Strands of Power)?

Void Star who did the Strands of Fate rendition of FATE have also done a conversion document for the races/dragonmarks/classes into Eberron! You can find the document here as well as one for Shadowrun and a blank campaign sheet.

I've only read up to the end of Character Creation at present in the Strands of Fate book (Digital copy until we can get a softcover sent to Australia) and hence don't know all the ins and outs but from what I have read: It will be perfect for Eberron. Not to mention, the wife was making a campaign setting of her own and I think this genreless/universal system will be a good base to jump off to begin with!

The base idea of the system that I love is that making the character is all about description. There is numbers you have to do with ability scores but the whole design of the character is very much you telling the base bits of your character in description first that then translates into the character sheet in one way or another. It allows for more freedom than say D20 systems attempt. The basis of classes too is very flexible from what I have seen. In D20, you'd be restricted to skills per class but this one is very, very flexible.

I'll comment more on it when I've read more of at least attempted making characters soon.

The summary of what Strands of Fate is from their site is below. The wiki page for what FATE is here as well.


Strands of Fate contains everything you need to tell stories of adventure, action, horror, and intrigue set in any genre. Whether it’s classic fantasy, urban mystery, dashing super heroes, or far future action, this book is your guide. Strands utilizes the FATE roleplaying game system and provides the Game Master with all the tools he needs to get any campaign, of any genre or power level, off the ground and running in minutes.

Strands of Fate features:
  • A system of Advantages that provide you with fully functional magic, psionics, mutations, cybernetic enhancements, or any other strange power you can imagine.
  • Rules for creating and playing with vehicles, from pirate ships to star ships to ten story tall battle mechs.
  • Support for non-human races or even transhuman characters.
  • A system for creating and controlling units and organizations, and using them to play out regional or world spanning conflicts.
  • Antagonists and equipment to challenge and aid your characters, whether they’re knights, modern soldiers, or star hopping androids.
  • While Strands of Fate is a stand alone product, its "toolkit" design allows it to be used to enhance other FATE games by providing an array of compatible optional systems.